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Benoit Tremsal – Pumpwerk Invasion

Inanimate objects come to life as part of a rampant, hostile, growth, taking over the space they inhabit.


Benoit Tremsal’s recent exhibition, ‘Invasiv’ at Pumpwerk, Siegburg showcases his ability to manipulate the world around him with his art. A departure from his previous land art and outdoor sculpture work, ‚Invasiv‘ is a collection of complex interlocking sculptures crafted from ordinarily mundane household furniture. The old pumping station, turned gallery is transformed by his work. The sculptures take on a life of their own, transforming the rooms around them to suit their needs as they twist and transform around corners, up stairs and push straight up through the ceiling into the room above.

‘Invasiv’ emulates the viral urge of humanity, always growing, always pushing further as it cancerously fills the space that, in vain, tries contains it. Yet as they stand tall and proud they still demand respect and appreciation. Regardless of whether these invading forces are hostile or friendly, they stand as a display of the power and the beauty of growth.

You can find a full gallery of images from ‘Invasiv’ at Pumpwerk, as well as information about Benoit Tremsal’s current, past and future work here:

Benoit Tremsal - Invasiv
Benoit Tremsal - Invasiv
Benoit Tremsal - Invasiv


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