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Susanna Neunast – Works



Format 120 x 80 cm · Photography, coloured acrylic glass | Reflections on the water surface, partially overlaid by a green coloured rectangle…


Susanna Neunast · Opening
Photography, applied on alu-dibond, coloured acrylic glass
120 x 80 cm, 2016
–––––Price on Request
Edition 1/2

Susanna Neunast · Cloudbath I
Susanna Neunast · Opening
Susanna Neunast

Susanna Neunast

Photography of reflections on the water surface, partially overlaid by geometric forms of coloured acrylic glass…
In her group of works ‚Perception‘ the artist uses the water as a projection surface of the mirroring nature, partially overlaid by elements of the shore. These multilayered photographies of nature are again overlaid by coloured geometric forms. This combination of layers, colours and forms create a completely new whole, that offers a different access and view on the well known nature around us.

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