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Andreas Hamacher



As a sculptor, Andreas Hamacher is deeply absorbed with fundamental questions concerning volume, dehiscence, vistas, multi-perspectivity, surfaces and movement in space. Since Henry Moore and Hans Arp empty spaces, the holes and openings in a sculptural form, have acquired significance.

“They break up the cohesion of the entity and bestow upon it a certain measure of transparency. They act as an eye-stopper, diverting attention away from the surface into the interior of the object.” …as you move around one of Andreas Hamacher’s sculptures, new vistas constantly open up. — Dr. Gabriele Lohberg

Andreas Hamacher – Haptikon

Haptikon 14-2015 · Steel tube, 70 x 56 x 48 cm

Andreas Hamacher – Haptikon

Model for ‚Haptikon 14-2015′


The work on his lyrically abstract work series haptikons begins at the scrap yards of the region of Trier with its varied technical possibilities. The scrap yards are a sort of outdoor studio for the steel sculptor. In this course, the tension field between the ruggedly repelling and the clearly smooth welcoming of the material is essential to the sculptor. His work is animated through the dialogue between geometry and nature and invites the viewer to feel and explore – to understand – the textures of the material as well as the circumscribed space within its own borders and beyond.

Andreas Hamacher – Haptikon

Haptikon 11-2015 · Steel tube, 90 x 50 x 40 cm


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