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Johannes Kersting


Extended photography

Johannes Kersting takes photos of urban housing, that appear as painted fields on canvas without the third dimension they contain.While knowing of the actual photography, the eye can‘t stop switching between the awareness of a painting and the photography of a three dimensional space it factually is. The artist enhances his photographies with again three dimensional installations of extended lines or fields, that are growing out of the images…

johannes kersting tropicoco photography

Tropicoco · Photography · 51 x 76 cm

johannes kersting santiago extended photography painted wood installation

Santiago extended · Photography and painted wood · ca. 100 x 50 cm

In Johannes Kersting‘s, mostly abstract-constructivistic observations, found in everyday urban enviroments, the borders between reality and image are left floating consciously. They postulate a rarely seen mixture between photographic images, wallpaintings and real objects arranged in space. By being reduced to a surface, just like other real objects, it at once loses its form, its magnitude and its mutual references. Without any context to the outside, more composition than body to the inside, the objects forfeit their content and remain as colour patches.

The photograhies have been intesified by there extensions which leads to surprising dialog between exhibition place and artwork. This way a planful play with the viewer‘s expectations is established. Can we trust the photographic medium? What are we confronted with? Is it real or a painted image?
Watching Johannes Kersting‘s photographs, we find ourselves forced to constantly check whether the pictured scene can actually be found in that very location. The reality of the shot and the reality in the shot – that is where the tension between documentation and construction in Kersting’s pictures is occurring.Behind such playfulness lies a sincere and calm fascination with the sheer dissolvability of reality into pure composition and order.

johannes kersting virtual city_extended photography painted wood installation

Virtual city · Photography and painted wood · ca. 100 x 140 cm

Johannes Kersting was born in 1979 in Nuremberg Germany. He received his master degree for visual art studies / painting in 2007 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg as a master student of Prof. H.-P. Reuter. Parallel he studied from 2006-2009 media art studies / photography at the State University of Art and Design, Karlsruhe, as a student of Prof. Elger Esser and Prof. Mischa Kuball. 2008/2009 artistic assistance, Prof. Michael Bielicky. Since 2009 teaching position for photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.

Johannes Kersting was selected for several awards and scholarships: 2013 Portfolio-Review, Duesseldorf Photo Weekend · 2012 daad-Scholarship for usa · 2011 Catalogue sponsorship from „LfA Förderbank“, Munich · 2006/2007 Scholarship, Freistaat Bayern for University of Art and Design Karlsruhe · 2006 Academical award, annual exhibition, AdbK Nuremberg


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