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Magdalena Abele



Magdalena Abele works with analog photography as a basis for multiple instants in one view. She analyzes touristic behaviour as a social phenomenon…

Her photographic works of mirador take the landscape and the human being moving through it as their point of departure. Monumental sights, tiny human beings moving in it, but standing still, in different moments of their sight-seeing.

magdalena abele ahrenshoop

Ahrenshoop · Photography · 80 x 100 cm

magdalena abele monumentview

Monument View · Photography · 73 x 99 cm


Magdalena Abele‘s preferred subject is most notably those sites and open spaces in the great outdoors or at points of urban congestion that are well-known, if not famous, as tourist attractions. The array of sites that have been photographed and their distinctly scenic forms are extensive and suitably dazzling. Their common denominator is their status as so-called recreational landscapes – people pilgrimage to these places, monopolize them with their presence, populate entire squares, and open areas because their travel guides designate them as worthwhile. The touristic behaviour of people as a social phenomenon, however, merely constitutes the parentheses for the content and motif of these works of photography.

Only upon a closer, more thorough inspection does it strike us that the natural logic that governs the arrangement of the image has been interfered with; legitimate doubts arise. By now, the concept of the works has become apparent: the pictures are not single exposures of disparate scenes, but rather several coincident views contained in one image. Magdalena Abele photographs countless consecutive shots from one and the same perspective, and pieces these together to form a single new image. People are doubted, tripled, and multiplied, and, thus, move through the image, its indigenous motif – the landscape – preserved intact by her editing. The image of the landscape becomes a stage upon which the protagonists act.

magdalena abele zion

Zion · Photography · 80 x 100 cm

Magdalena Abele, born 1986, lives in Nuremberg Germany. In 2010 she received her degree in media art/photography studies, Prof. Elger Esser, at the State University of Art and Design, Karlsruhe.

Magdalena Abele has been selected for several awards, artist in residencies and scholarships: 2008 Art Award, City of Friedrichshafen · 2011 Art Award, Kunstverein Radolfzell · 2012 Debutant sponsorship, Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Research and Art · 2013 DAAD-scolarship, USA · 2014 Luise-Prell-Award, Erlangen · 2015 Valentine-Rothe-Award, Bonn · 2016 Artist in Residence, CCA Andratx (ES) · 2016 Artist in Residence, Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop · 2017 Artist in Residence, Künstlerhaus Eckernförde


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